Marine White List is a free tool for boat owners and enthusiasts.

Having a boat is supposed to be fun. Yet the word “boat” has turned into a four-letter word for many of us. Something’s always breaking, and we find ourselves “Breaking Out Another Thou” time and time again. It’s always the same story. You’re coasting along Biscayne Bay. The Florida sun is shining. The water is crystal clear. The fish are biting. Life is good. *POW* your engine sputters and goes out. The sunshine is quickly clouded by the black smoke coming from your outboard. Who do you call? Was that mechanic’s name Larry or Jerry? Didn’t you hear your neighbor tell you he stole parts from his cruiser? If you only had the number of that other guy…you know, the guy you met while at the bar. He seemed like he knew his stuff, right? Finding a great boat expert is hard. Finding someone who shows up with 20 five-star reviews from previous customers, and gives you a clear expectation of costs seems like a pipe dream. But it doesn’t have to be anymore! We’ve been burning the midnight oil, searching high and low to find the best boating experts in South Florida. Each company is vetted and grilled on their performance. We then bring the top of the line experts to our easy-to-use website where you can request their services at your convenience. So, next time your engine blows, your fiberglass bubbles, your sails tear, or anything else goes down that makes you want to abandon ship – call Marine White List. We’ll set you up with the right Jerry in a jiffy, and we’ll do it when it is convenient for you!

It’s Really About You

Marine White List is a timely solution to a growing problem in the Marine Industry – the difficulty in finding quality, and reliable companies and marine professionals. Simple to use and free for boat owners and enthusiasts everywhere, the website features dozens of categories and hundreds of marine service providers in your area. You can rate your experience with any given company, and even book your required services online, without having to spend more time on research and communication with the company. Marine White List is a simple way for boat owners to find reliable marine services, while bringing transparency and accountability back to the marine industry and reinstating trust between boat owners and service providers.

About the Founder

Darina Weitzmann is passionate about the sea and boating. Her work in business and marketing, as well as in the yachting industry has brought forth the desire to alleviate some of the stresses that come with boat ownership. She believes that by increasing enjoyment for boat owners, the marine industry can continue to thrive and feed the US economy. She is a strong advocate for environmental and humanitarian causes, having volunteered considerable amounts of time at wildlife rescues across Central and South America, participating community development and orphan care in Haiti, and building homes for low-income families in the US. Darina translates her success in business to allowing time for working in these important humanitarian pursuits.

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